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What do you give the person who has everything? When you’re looking for a gift that will be cherished for years to come, you want something that no-one else has seen.

Our hand-painted wine and drinking glasses are one-of-a-kind…literally. Artist Randy Scott meticulously paints each glass so that no two are exactly the same. He customizes each and every design based on your tastes, interests, and the things in life that you cherish.

Why give a generic gift that anyone could buy at a store, when you could create a truly unique experience for those you love?

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Randolph Scott: He Drinks & He Paints Things.

Randolph Scott began visual artistry early on. In fourth grade, a teacher who took notice of him enrolled him in a college level painting class. Throughout much of his young adult life, painting took a back seat to digital design for businesses and organizations (which he still offers through his sister company Arthur Designs, named after his grandfather), but his love for handmade art persisted. His years of bartending experience led him to the concept of creating custom, one-of-a-kind hand-painted drinking glasses that expressed unique interests and passions for each of his clients.

Randy has created custom glassware art for people all over the world, including West Africa, England, Dubai, South Korea, and all over the United States.

Happy Campers All Around

What My Customers Are Saying

There is no one as talented paintin glass than you, Randy! And so luckily, you live nearby. If you are looking for a fun custom art gift for a wine lover (maybe anything on glass:) throw it out there! You too will be amazed by his talent!

Lindsay Hambric Williams

Phenomenal quality and design! Randy goes above and beyond my expectations every time I place an order. Thank you!!

Jason Savage

Genuine, friendly and very talented. One of a kind art work.

Ed A. Cole Jr.

Randy is extremely talented. I’m super happy with the glasses that he painted for me.

Whitney Vannicola Zoldak

Randy is great and he does a fantastic job. Also very affordable. Great idea when you need a fun creative gift.

Jillian Kelly

My best friend and her husband were VERY happy with the anniversary mugs you made them. Thank you so much!!

Heather Renee

Work is always on point. I’ve used wbd and Arthur Designs for dozens of both personal and professional projects and will continue to do so in the future. Highly highly recommended.

Jason Messenger

Beautiful work! Absolutely love the glass I ordered. Plus, Randy was great to work with. I’ve already put in my next order

Julie Kidd Hawkinberry

I’m so happy to welcome and make a home for ‘Chip’. Family is complete with ‘Ms Pots and little brothers.

Anita Scott

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